bayeux tapestry medieval background

The Middle Ages? Really?

For decades, I embarked on an exercise to keep my brain sharp by devoting a year to learning something new. Tired of trying to learn new languages or trigonometry or calculus, I challenged myself to learn about the Middle Ages.

That decision started me on the thrilling path of discovery. I chose a period roughly a thousand years ago and narrowed my research to England. 

We have much in common with the people living then. Today, in the twenty-first century, we teeter at the beginning of a new millennium and wonder if the human species will exist 1000 years hence.

Medieval chroniclers documented that people living 1000 years ago defied predictions that their world would end. Those resilient people faced a world like our own: social, economic, and political upheaval compounded by religious fanaticism, deadly diseases, famine, uncertainty, and a persistent sense of doom—yet they prevailed. How could I not write about them?

Read about writing, researching, or the historical nibbles I could not resist.

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The Turnabout Books focus on the Norman Invasion of England and span from 1066 to 1070. The protagonists are betrayed by their choices, their kings, and a war that mocks sacred ideals.

In Knight’s Pawn, my Alaric crashes into the same moral dilemmas faced by contemporary soldiers confronting hostile civilians in Afghanistan, Ukraine, or elsewhere. My Genevieve witnesses how regime change thunders through villages, awakening the resistance of an unconquered people. 

This website presents samples of my fiction that emerged from this research. You will also find pieces that speculate on history, collapsed and telescoped by time.

I hope my words ignite your interest in the historical moments highlighted in my novels and those we are living through today.