Nothing is Fair in Love and War

ALARIC THE NORMAN OF EWYAS and GENEVIEVE ELYSIA (ELISE) DE FONTENAY are unknowingly entwined in an international plot to remove William the Conqueror from the English throne. Forced into marriage, tangled in betrayal and passion, they must thwart enemies coalescing to destroy them.

TURNABOUT (Series Working Title) conveys how my characters find the world they inhabit. Nearly everything they believe to be true comes into question, and nothing is “fair” in love or war, especially when the power to give or take life is at stake.

Knight’s Pawn

Book One

Alaric the Norman of Ewyas, joins William of Normandy against the wishes of his family, who are oath-bound to Harold of Wessex. Genevieve Elysia (Elise) de Fontenay, a Norman countess, is given to Alaric in marriage, a forfeit paid by her uncle for murdering Alaric’s family. 

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The Alabaster Rook

Book Two

​Genevieve Elysia (Elise) de Fontenay, adapts to her imprisonment at Tutbury Castle, despite the intrusion of an overly attentive priest. Alaric of Ewyas, the Black Wolf, attempts to counter the unnecessary violence of the Norman occupation. Alaric’s military sagacity and Genevieve’s strategic lands attract the interest of powerful forces.

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The Fool’s Mate

Book Three

October 1069, rebellion has spread throughout England. The people of Northumbria have massacred thousands of Norman soldiers. English and Welsh are raiding on the western border. Danish Vikings patrol the coasts. The Norman bastard, King William of England, under siege, sees treason everywhere. Alaric of Ewyas, a Norman born in England with known Saxon sympathies, and his wife, Genevieve de Fontenay, the niece of William’s back-stabbing enemy, are likely suspects.

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Bishop’s Crest

Book Four

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To learn about my research, see Chasing the Tale.