Author photo AL Kucherenko
A. L. Kucherenko.
Photo by Duy Ho,


I disliked history and hated the Middle Ages, which was precisely why I gave myself a year to learn about it. It took longer, of course. For years I studied and traveled along Roman roads and waterways now nearly extinct.

Eventually, I chose a period and began writing bits and pieces of what I’d learned–in fiction–a device I used to lock the material into my head. 

 I continued writing about my period even when my employer sent me to mitigate the effects of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. I found it oddly satisfying to be sweltering on a Pacific Island while writing about the bitter cold in medieval York. 

My writing explores the insignificant moments between the big events of our lives: a social slight, the stubbed toe, or a casual glance. Often fraught with emotional volatility, these incidents can trigger decisions that lead to war, great love, or sacrifice. 

My readers are curious about historical times and enjoy works by Sigrid Undset, Dorothy Dunnett, Cecelia Holland, Bernard Cornwell, and Hillary Mantel.

I’m a member of the Historical Novel Society and the California Writers Club. ​​​I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although my last name (pronounced KOO-cher-en-ko), is Ukrainian, I am not.