News: It’s Happening!

wall of books surrounding arched door

My first book!!!

October 2022: It’s actually here. I held off opening the box, part fear, part shock. My imagination is fully transformed into something tangible. Now, I can share the story of these remarkable people and this historic time.

Paperback and eBooks available at:

* Amazon
* Barnes & Noble
* Cuidono Press
* Kobo

Black & White, A.L.Kucherenko signing a book.

October 2022: This is new. Signing books instead of writing them.

I’ve never been in this situation before, and I’m honored that readers wish to have me sign their book. It should not surprise me, for I’ve asked writers to sign books I’ve purchased.

Knight's Pawn book cover.

Cover Design

It’s been an exciting adventure. I never knew what went into designing a book.

I’m thrilled with my first cover, and entirely grateful to CUIDONO PRESS for taking such care to create a beautiful chalice for my imagination.

Knight’s Pawn is coming October 25, 2022.

REBECCA D’HARLINGUE​, author of The Lines Between Us mentioned me and my books in her 2021 interview with DK Marley!

A yellow and black monarch butterfly hanging from its chrysalis

BOOK COVER: We’re so close to having a final book cover. It’s like watching a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis.

​CONTEST: December 2021: I won third prize of the Anne Fox Page One Contest, sponsored by the California Writers Club, Berkeley Branch.