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2023 International Chaucer Book Award

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Chanticleer readers liked something about KNIGHT’S PAWN, a character, the plot, or the writing. They pulled my book from the slush pile, and now it competes for the 2023 award for early Historical Fiction. If successful, it begins a long climb up several levels of achievement and one day, it might receive an award.

Chanticleer will announced and fete winners at the Chanticleer Author’s Conference, April 2024.

I’m honored and excited!

Read an excerpt.

KNIGHT’S PAWN, Paperback and eBooks available at:

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* Barnes & Noble
* Cuidono Press
* Kobo

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New Adventures

A live event, talking with Rebecca D’Harlingue about her latest book.

Speaking at the Napa Valley and Tri-Valley Writers Club about authenticity and accuracy, the interface of character and reader.

Most authors, whether writing science-fiction, mystery, crime, or any other genre, face the convergence of our characters and our readers. Characters inhabit their own skins and are shaped by their environment. They make choices, express attitudes, and bear certain responsibilities consistent with their cosmos. So do readers, who bring their experiences and expectations into our stories. 

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Crotches, Crucks, and Crutches

Eyebrows rose at my title.

It’s great to be among writers even via Zoom. This conversation focused on how the publishing industry changed since the pandemic, and much more. Can you spot me among the others?

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This is new. Signing books instead of writing them.

I’ve never been in this situation before, and I’m honored that readers wish to have me sign their book. It should not surprise me, for I’ve asked writers to sign books I’ve purchased.

First Reading. I attended an event coordinated by the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club. Clio’s Bookstore, hosted the evening, spotlighting authors and books published over the last year.

Color picture of author standing at the podium reading from Knight's Pawn in front of a seated audience.

REBECCA D’HARLINGUE​, author of The Lines Between Us mentioned me and my books in her 2021 interview with DK Marley!

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BOOK COVER: We’re so close to having a final book cover. It’s like watching a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis.