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2023 International Chaucer Book Award

Early Historical Fiction

Framed picture of Knight's Pawn book cover on a greenish background

Chanticleer readers liked something about KNIGHT’S PAWN, a character, the plot, or the writing.

Chanticleer will announced and fete winners at the Chanticleer Author’s Conference, April 2024.

I’m honored and excited!

Read an excerpt.


An evening talking with Rebecca D’Harlingue about her latest book.

I spoke at the Napa Valley and Tri-Valley Writers Clubs about authenticity, accuracy, and the interface of character and reader.

Most authors, whether writing science-fiction, mystery, crime, or any other genre, face the convergence of our characters and our readers. Characters inhabit their own skins and are shaped by their environment. They make choices, express attitudes, and bear certain responsibilities consistent with their cosmos. So do readers, who bring their experiences and expectations into our stories. 

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